Kent Keirsey is a combat veteran, Army Major, and North Carolina business leader. Keirsey has spent his life running towards the fight.  He knows North Carolina families deserve competent leaders who stand ready to fight for their security and freedoms, and he’s ready to lead that fight in Congress. 


Kent grew up in a family with a rich history of military service that spans generations, and he continued that tradition of service when he left for the U.S. Military Academy at the age of 17. As a cadet at West Point, he witnessed the 9/11 attacks and knew he was in the right place at the right time to serve his country when it needed him most.


After becoming an infantry officer and earning the Army Ranger Tab, Keirsey was tasked with leading soldiers on a 12-month combat deployment in Iraq’s “Triangle of Death” region. He was awarded the Bronze Star Medal, among other commendations, for his exceptional leadership in combat and went on to be selected as an instructor at the elite U.S. Army Ranger School.


In 2008, Keirsey left active duty to attend Stanford University, where he simultaneously earned degrees in law and business while teaching ROTC and helping to bring it back onto campus after a 40-year ban. Upon graduation, Keirsey sought to make a difference through entrepreneurship and built businesses that now employ hundreds of Americans.


In his first business venture, Keirsey created an adventure race based on the Army’s Best Ranger Competition, an event he had competed in with his brother. Soon afterwards, he co-founded Collective Health, a company that aimed to fix healthcare in America through innovation, not regulation. Seeing healthcare costs rise with little improvement in care, Keirsey focused on helping employers provide better benefits for Americans and their families, improving outcomes and driving down costs. After growing the company to over 300 employees, Keirsey went on to build multiple real estate technology companies from the ground up and is also a Major in the Army Reserves. 


While career politicians have legislated comfortably from Washington, Kent has been on the front lines. He led in combat and built businesses that address some of our country’s biggest challenges.  However, after watching our foreign adversaries seize the initiative abroad and the far-left assault our freedoms at home – attacking free speech, free enterprise, and freedom of religion – Keirsey knows where he is needed.


A proven leader and problem-solver both in combat and business, Kent will take on the liberal career politicians, get government out of the way so businesses can thrive, stand up to our adversaries around the world, and hold our leaders in Washington accountable. He has fought for American families for over a decade, and he’s ready to continue that mission in Congress.

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