Freedom & American values

Kent believes that America is the greatest country on earth.  Its greatness flows from our freedoms and our shared values.  He will fight to protect our freedoms and to bolster the values that tie us together as a nation.  He will fight those that seek to divide us or to erode our freedoms.


Kent believes all life is worth protecting and is profoundly pro-life. As the proud father of two young children and a decorated combat veteran who has led troops into battle, he understands how truly precious life is. In Congress, he’ll always fight to protect life at all stages from the unborn to the elderly.


2nd Amendment

Keirsey believes the right to bear arms is the absolute manifestation of freedom
in this country. There is no better symbol of freedom or trust in our fellow citizens
than the fact that we allow individuals to own firearms.  He is committed to
making it easier for law-abiding citizens to protect themselves and their families,
and he will always defend the Second Amendment for the citizens of North


National Security

A combat veteran and Army Major, Keirsey has dedicated his life to keeping our country safe. Keirsey knows that we must invest in our military to stay ahead of Russia and China, build out a comprehensive cybersecurity strategy, and make up for lost ground after decades of fumbled foreign policy. Keirsey will confront the threats to our national security – not ignore them – and he’ll always fight to keep Americans safe.


Since the rise of the Defund the Police movement, we’ve seen a rapid spike in crime across the country. Kent knows from business and the military that if you want to recruit the best and brightest, you have to value their service and give them the resources they need to be successful.  Our police put their lives on the line to protect our families and keep our neighborhoods safe.  We should support them, and when they come under fire, we should have their backs.  


Border Security & Illegal Immigration

Our country has the strongest military and economy in the world but doesn’t have a secure border. Keirsey believes that there should be zero illegal immigration in this country. He supports the hard-working legal immigrants who come here from all over the world seeking the freedom and opportunity the United States represents. But he also believes we must enforce our laws and protect the security of the country and its citizens. Keirsey will address the ongoing crisis that the current administration’s socialist agenda and open border policies have created. 


Taxes & Spending

Our country has a spending problem, and DC liberals continue to push multi-trillion dollar partisan bills to finance their radical agenda. How are they planning to pay for it? Trillions in tax hikes on American families who are already dealing with record inflation. Keirsey believes North Carolina families deserve to keep more of their hard-earned money. He’ll fight to cut taxes, and he’ll stand up to Biden and Pelosi to put a stop to their reckless big government spending.


Economy & Jobs

Kent Keirsey isn’t a career politician. He’s a combat veteran and businessman. He’s built companies from the ground up, and he knows what it takes to create a strong economy for all Americans. He’ll work to get government out of the way, so small businesses can thrive and hardworking North Carolina families can prosper.


Kent knows that the key to our children’s success is access to a quality education, and this means education that is focused on academic outcomes – not political agendas.  Kent will fight to empower North Carolina families with real choices and will defend parents’ rights to have a voice in their children’s education.  



Too many professional politicians have become entirely out of touch after spending a career in Washington. As someone who has led American soldiers in combat and built businesses from the ground up, Keirsey believes our legislators need real experience. He will work to implement term limits to make sure our leaders remain connected with the people they are supposed to represent.


Integrity & Values

Kent isn’t in this to build a career as a politician or to make friends in Washington. He is running to serve you and the hardworking people of North Carolina. He will fight for our freedoms and push back against the radical left and their cancel culture. He is committed to always speaking the truth and staying true to his values.

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